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Queen QC

"I had been very ill and seeing doctors 2-3 times a week. I was prescribed 32 different medications and supplements and I felt awful. My legs and feet were so inflamed that I could not sleep. I tried every possible remedy for relief. My sister-in-law told me about Cherie and she had worked wonders on her shoulder injury. I didn't know anything about acupuncture and I was unsure about it. I contacted Cherie and she came to my home to do a treatment. I instantly felt so much better after the one treatment. She also educated about home remedies and other alternative medicine. I was so excited about this experience that I can't stop sharing my experience with friends and family. I highly recommend Cherie as your acupuncturist."

Keith W.

"Cherie was professional and thorough in listening to my history of severe shoulder pain. After 3 treatments my pain has eased but I will continue with acupuncture after my holiday. The lessening of pain has enabled me to sleep better and I have a more positive attitude to my health."

Rosemary F.

"I found Cherie caring & understanding of my problems. I have had acupuncture before but nothing like this. My pain went from a 9 on day one to a 1-2 on day three. I cannot believe that this has happened! I cannot thank Cherie enough for her guidance & professionalism."


"Cherie is fantastic; attentive & a very good listener. (Heads up - I talk a lot :)). Seriously, I have suffered from a nervous tick or twitch in my right side of my face. It starts early in the morning, basically the moment I wake up + until I fall asleep. The more stressed or tense my day becomes the greater the intensity of my twitch until it becomes painful around my eye area. Cherie suggested I give acupuncture a go & explained what can be attributed to my condition. Since acupuncture with Cherie's ability to find the right spots or points & her recommendations on ERB's I have found my twitching has reduced substantially. Due to this I am a calmer person and no longer find myself on a short fuse and being more tolerant of others that previously were annoying."

Cindy-Lee Smith

"We were fortunate to be treated by Cherie aboard Carnival Spirit. Cherie's professionalism and instantly likeable personality, combined with her calming nature gave us the confidence to try acupuncture for the first time. We had no doubt we were in good hands, and three sessions each with Cherie gave instant and lasting results to many of our health issues. Cherie conducts her sessions with complete professionalism and thorough explanations of the sessions and after session care. Cherie truly cares for the complete health of her patients."


"I would like to thank Cherie for the acupuncture treatment received in assisting and curing my back and legs and reducing the pain I was suffering. I feel that my pain has been reduced by 70% and I greatly appreciated the treatment received. I thank you very much and hope to see you again in the future. Kind regards."


"For the last 7 days I have received treatment for high level arthritic knees. The professional manner and expert application of her skills has proved to me that Cherie knows what she is doing but uppermost in her mind in the thought that the result must be advantage to the patient. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any person who needs a great result. It has been more than a pleasure to meet her."


"This being my first time having acupuncture, I came in with some reservations and was quite nervous. However, having met Cherie at a talk, I felt it would benefit me with pain control. I had 2 treatments and I did feel immediate relief after my first treatment. Cherie was very professional, knowledgable, and put me at east. I now have a new perspective on acupuncture."


"Cherie is an amazing person who is passionate about what she does and how acupuncture can help the individual in many ways. As a woman of 65 I do have aches and pains and have found that the two appointments have helped east these. The ones (at this point) I have found this treatment most effective is with depression. My head has been clearer, less foggy, and the ongoing thoughts that race around my head a lot less invasive. Thank you Cherie. I have appreciated meeting you, not just for the acupuncture but as a person."


"Coming on board Carnival Spirit for the first time with a sore back wasn't ideal. Not being able to enjoy normal every day activities like I would was hard. After some horse play with my son I was left in extreme pain, thinking I could fix it myself with a spa & dip in a cold pool. After this not being able walk & facing a holiday bed ridden. My wife booked me in for acupuncture at the spa with Cherie as my last hope to save my holiday. It was amazing. Being wheel chaired in & walking out. Starting with a 10/10 pain, I had a couple of sessions & finished pain free so I could enjoy every bit of my holiday. Thank you."


"Before coming onto the ship I had 2 swollen knees and one could be popped out of place using my hand. I was in a lot of pain and thought massage was the answer. As I was booking in my massage, Cherie the acupuncture lady was there and took me in and had a chat about why acupuncture would best suit me. I thought why not give it a try. After the first session I was pain free, not needing my knee brace, and slept so well. If anyone asks me I will be telling them to try acupuncture as it is pain free and really works. I now have no swelling in both my knees and I believe it's all thanks to acupuncture and Cherie."


"I have had a very pleasant experience with Cherie during my treatment. The treatment has been excellent and catered to my needs. Cherie is a very cheerful young lady with a lovely and warm personality. Cherie explains each needle and what the purpose of each needle is for. I highly recommend her for treatment."


"Meeting Cherie was the highlight of my cruise. Cherie has turned my existing and painful life for 15 years into one I can look forward to - back to enjoying ilfe. Cherie's understanding, guidance, patience, explanation and cheerful personality allowed me to have faith to try acupuncture. After 15 years suffereing from plantar fascitis and numerous other medical conditions whilst seeking guidance from physio, podiatry and doctors I have finally found relief with acupuncture."


"I had acupuncture treatment due to neck pain & anxiety which I have suffered from for over 40 years. Immediately after my treatment there was improvement but only slight. Day 2 - I woke next morning and the next pain had subsided even more and the pain lessened each day. This decrease is a huge improvement as I would consider my condition chronic and long standing. Thank you Cherie for giving me the extra comfort to enjoy my holiday."


"I came on vacation to do this cruise and also looking for a calm and relaxing time for me. So I have decided to visit the spa and Cherie looked after me with sweet words and a very special acupuncture service. I was so stressed that I couldn't close my eyes or even relax. After the acupuncture I became a more confident person. And more relaxed and cool. It was like magic. My body was painful and now I'm 100% better. I strongly recommend people to visit the spa and Cherie especially. She is an amazing professional and a very special "angel" for me. All the best spa team!! Thank you from Brazil! :)"


"I had back pain and also teeth pain and after a single session I have NO pain! I feel like a new me!"


"First time acupuncture, instant results for: circulation, warmer hands, reduced back pain, improved head cold."


"Thanks for a very special and personalised experience Cherie. You are a very warm and lovely caring acupuncturist. I feel much better with less pain and no more anxiety."


"Highly effective & immediate relief from my sea sickness and back pain. You should do it!!"