Tui Na

Tui Na is a massage technique that originated in ancient China. It is considered by many to be the oldest form of massage and body manipulation and is often used in conjunction with other forms of Chinese medicine.

Like acupuncture and other forms of Chinese medicine, this massage technique focuses on stimulating the flow of Qi throughout the body and targets key pressure points. There are many different ways our therapists can approach Tui Na massage - it can be done as an intense deep tissue massage, or as a more gentle and meditative practice.

This massage technique is often used with herbal lotions or salves to enhance its effects. During a Tui Na massage session, you will notice palpitating motions, as well as rolling motions and one-finger stimulation of pressure points.

Tui Na Massage Charlotte, NC

Why Should I Get Tui Na?

Tui Na massage is used for a number of different reasons. It is excellent for relaxation and stress reduction. Chinese medicine focuses on the flow of energy throughout the body and theorizes that energy blockages can affect your emotional and mental state causing anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other problematic conditions. Therefore, the massage can improve your mental state by getting rid of harmful blockages. We also recommend Tui Na massage for managing pain and muscle tension. If you work out frequently or experience chronic pain for any reason, Tui Na massage can help reduce the pain. Plus, Tui Na massage can have positive effects on the respiratory and digestive systems and help you maintain good health overall.

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