Moxibustion is a form of Chinese therapy that uses heat to stimulate the flow of Qi in the body. During a moxibustion session, we burn a compressed stick of dried plant matter close to the skin to generate heat. The plant materials are called moxa, and they do not touch the skin. Moxa is usually made with dried mugwort, although it can be made using other plants as well.

We will determine where to hold the moxa based on acupuncture points where the flow of Qi may be blocked. The moxa is held an inch or two over each point until the skin is red and warm.

Many people choose to get both moxibustion and acupuncture treatments, as they complement each other. Moxibustion does create smoke and has a distinct aroma, which is important to be aware of before you start treatment.

Moxibustion in Charlotte, NC

What Can Moxibustion Do?

Many people experience a pleasant flooding of warmth and relaxation of the body during this treatment. It is often used to manage conditions that cause chronic pain, like arthritis. It can also be used to manage muscle soreness and tension, as the heat can often induce relaxation. This treatment can also help with digestive issues as well as problems with the female reproductive system. It's often used to help turn a breech baby during pregnancy for a safer birth. You can also use moxibustion to prevent colds and flu and to manage asthma symptoms. While it is possible to do moxibustion on your own, it is safer and more effective to have a professional do it.

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