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Acupuncture is a treatment with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. During an acupuncture treatment, we will identify places where Qi, or the flow of energy, is blocked in the body. We will then identify the corresponding acupressure points and place small needles there. The needles stimulate the Qi, provoking a response from the body.

What is Acupuncture?

Forms of acupuncture have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, although acupuncture, as we know it today, began in approximately the 14th century. Acupuncture treatments made their way to Japan and other parts of the Far East relatively early, around the sixth century, but did not make their way to the east until much later. Forms of this treatment were recorded in Europe in the early 1800s, but it did not become well-known in the US until the 1970s when President Nixon visited China. Now, acupuncture is used both on its own and as a complementary treatment to other forms of medicine.

acupuncture in charlotte, NC

Benefits of Acupuncture Treatments

The benefits of acupuncture are vast, and this treatment is used for a wide variety of conditions. It is often used to alleviate symptoms of digestive and upper respiratory disorders and has proven to be effective for neurological and mental/emotional conditions as well. It can also be used to manage chronic pain and irritation from injuries, as the release of energy often reduces tension in the muscular and nervous systems. Your acupuncturist will assess your symptoms and determine the right course of treatment for your needs. Virtually anyone can benefit from acupuncture - it has many different applications and can be used in addition to wellness treatments and forms of therapy.

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